• Deepak Chetty

Summer Update - Hard Reset Release, Revelator VR News and the 5th Semester of UT's Immersive Med

It's been a while since I updated this thing - but we've had some great news!

Hard Reset is officially out on it's first VOD platform - STEAM. This is the same marketplace that has recently embraced short form Sci-Fi content from creators like Neill Blomkamp and his OATS Studios as well as ATX locals Rooster Teeth among others.

We're proud to finally have the film out there and if you have STEAM and would like to check it out click on the picture below to be taken to the STEAM Store.

We will also be launching on other platforms (Amazon, iTunes etc.) this fall! I'll make sure to link that as well.

I'm also gearing up for my 5th semester of teaching the Immersive Media class at UT Austin. This semester saw an almost 400% increase in enrollment! Which is fantastic and shows how interested students are in this emerging technology. Can't wait to get started!

Last but not least-

Earlier this spring I created a piece through Revelator for an international pipeline company called Tenaris. You can check that out below as well! Looking forward to doing more pieces like this and experimenting more with VR/Immersive Media.

You can check that out by clicking here!