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Fall 2018 Updates!

It's been a very busy year! Into my 7th semester of teaching at UT, I've branched out into instructing motion capture animation by creating the Motion Capture Studio class.

Very impressed and amazed with the student work so far, all done using UT's Vicon system and laid out, lit, shot, edited and rendered with Unreal Engine. Which is a game changer... for this level of resolution, which is quite high fidelity, not having to wait days to render out a short is incredible.

Some examples of recent work below!

This first piece "A Body in Motion" was a test done earlier in the fall in preparation for a larger piece involving UT's Dance Department. The entire thing was put together in Unreal Engine and rendered out realtime.

The next two pieces were fun tests I did to test the flexibility of the workflow in Unreal, after getting the mocap data. I didn't create the assets for these pieces, but both were turned around in less than 36 hours from capture, to export.

King Chris and Pug was created off a few 4-5 minute improvised takes. The pug character was animated separately.

Sci-Fi Shootout was another quick test, completed from 3 performance takes with about a 12 hour turnaround time.

Absolutely loving this tech and how it empowers creativity.


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