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Exo-Nature - (Feat. GenAI)

Updated: Jun 14

"EXO-NATURE" short film update - v2! 

there is no audio and the frames have not been upscaled yet! 

Absolutely floored with the latest tests for this pitch piece in the making. It can not be overstated how using traditional film workflows combined with new generative workflows, for all aspects of production has brought this piece to life. 

The running time has almost doubled, as representing the entire script and outline for this vignette is almost complete! 

"EXO-NATURE" is a 2d animated pitch-viz short film using current hashtag#GenAI workflows combined with traditional VFX and post workflows. It's partially adapted from a scene from an old outline for an animated anthology series that I had worked on a while back, but shelved due to logistics/cost. 

Here is an new progress look at the latest cut which contains almost all the narrative material from the outline and refined visuals throughout. I’ve even stuck a couple of exports from the newly available Luma AI in the latest edit! 

Can’t wait to wrap this piece up and share more details about it's creation! 

Next steps: 

  • Replace all "screen" graphics on the tracker, and the beacon at the start with designs I'll animate in AE. 

  • Continue to research upscaling/cleanup workflows

  • Audio edit/mix

  • Music edix/mix

  • Finish out handful of remaining shots and cleanup work



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