• Deepak Chetty

The Love Inside - Out March 22nd!

Just wanted to share the awesome news that Andy Irvine and Mark Smoot's "The Love Inside", Starring Zachary Knighton, Joey Kern, Kat Foster, Byron Brown, Ashley Spillers and Betsy Phillips will be released this tuesday, March 22nd across VOD and all digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Playstation etc.)!

I was cinematographer on this fun indie romantic dramedy- we spent 3 weeks out in the middle of nowhere Texas with a great cast and crew to make it happen. Glad it's finally getting out there and everyone will be able to check it out and hopefully enjoy it! So proud of this film. Makes me want to shoot again!

Below are links to two separate trailers. One is "Redband" for mature audiences, the other is approved for all audiences.

Here is a link to the website as well!