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2018 - 6th Semester of Immersive Media! VR Updates and more!

So happy to be in the 6th semester of my Intro To Immersive Media class, offered to undergrad and grad students at UT Austin's RTF program. It's amazing how every semester I see advances in student learning, not only through ease of use and quality of life improvements in Unreal Engine and our 360 video workflow, but also just in a general interest level. We started out with one section and a small number of students and now we're at two sections per semester with a full class load for both.

Have some exciting new work I'll be able to share that I directed for Revelator, and Digital Quilt now has on hand the amazing Yi Halo!

Also very excited to share all the work I've been doing in the Motion Capture realm, including an interactive theater piece I directed in VR using mocap and Unreal Engine which should be ready later this spring. A few screenshots of that project, "Glengarry Glen Bot" below.

Still have to fully texture the bot model, but it's a fun recreation in VR (where you can walk around as if it's a living piece happening around you) of the famous "coffee is for closers" scene from the film. Except with robots instead of Baldwin and the gang.

Props to actor Holt Boggs who studied all 5 of the roles for timing etc. We could only record on performance at a time, so it's a testament to how awesome he is that everything has synched together so well! It's a 9 minute scene!

What is cool about this stuff is that we can also bring in a virtual camera in Unreal Engine and put it together like a traditional animated/cg film. We can light it shot by shot, edit by edit, make cuts in a timeline with preferred virtual camera angles.... so really doing a project like this can possible net multiple output formats - which is great!


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