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FrAIsier 3000 - A Procedural Show Created with AI/ML Techniques

FrAIsier 3000 is my take on the trend of AI/ML/Procedurally generated sitcoms.

It’s my latest experimental art piece, assembled using a combination of commercially available and open source AI/ML platforms and a robust backend I've put together in Unreal Engine 5. This is not a randomized stream like that very, very fun and amazing, but sometimes incomprehensible Nothing, Forever Seinfeld riff.

This is, very, very lucid - and each episode contains continuity and specific arcs.

If you are a fan of these emerging techniques, and you happen to like Frasier, this parody which changes each time I broadcast the episode live (this is a recording of the last broadcast on Twitch), might be right up your alley.

I've been told it is.... comforting, haha.

These are full-length episodes!

This is episode 1 of 8, all I can say is that it begins to go places....



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