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The Adventure Continues

It's definitely been hard keeping this to myself, but now I am able to share!

After a bit over three years of collaboration with the wonderful team at Epic Games/Unreal Online Learning, first as an author, then a producer - I am stepping away into a new role at UT Austin.

This fall, I'll be re-joining The University of Texas at Austin as the Area Head/Lead for the Emergent Cinematic Arts/Virtual Production Area within the prestigious Radio/Television/Film program.

I had such a wonderful time at Epic, and it was hard to make the decision to go. So grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the industry, and to have had the chance to shape and execute what I definitely felt was the very best democratized learning material out there.

Looking forward to this new role at UT, and the opportunities it will provide to get this technology and concepts into the hands and minds of the next generation of storytellers!


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